Order take-away: (+45) 53 68 85 45

There can only be one replacement in all menus, with extra charge.
Replacement should be the same kind.

Hosimaki – 8 Slices

Futomaki – 5 Slices

Uramaki – 8 Slices

Topping Maki – 8 Slices

1. Salmon
20 kr

2. Tuna
25 kr

3. Shrimp
20 kr

4. Kingfish
25 kr

5. Tuna Tataki
29 kr

6. Salmon with Garlic
25 kr

7. Grilled Salmon
25 kr

8. Avocado
20 kr

9. Tofu
25 kr

10. Gunkan Salmon Roe
32 kr

11. Gunkan Salmon Tatar
32 kr

12. Gunkan Tuna Tartar
32 kr

13. Gunkan Kingfish Tatar
32 kr

14. Gunkan Grilled Scallops
32 kr


Rice Paper


Soya (15 ml)5 kr
(Chilimayo(spicy sauce), teriyaki sauce, sweet chili sauce, goma dressing, chefs dressing)
10 kr
Sushi Rice20 kr
Rice10 kr
Monthes dessert49 kr
Cold BeveragesPrice
Soda (Cola, cola zero, fanta, schweppes lemon)33 cl. / 50 cl.
28, kr / 40 kr
Ice Tea39 kr
Elderflower39 kr
ECO drink apple blackcurrant tast39 kr
Orange juice28 kr
Water in Bottle50 cl. 24 kr
Club soda from San pellegrino50 cl. 35 kr
Tap Water10 kr / pr. pers.
Sapporo33cl. / 65 cl.
39 kr / 70 kr
Sapporo Black65 cl. 80 kr
Kirin Ichiban33 cl. 39 kr
Asahi33 cl. 39 kr
Ike Ginger33 cl. 45 kr
Tiger33 cl. 45 kr
Tuborg Classic33 cl. 39 kr
Honjozo (served hot)18 cl. 79 kr
Junmai (served cold)18 cl. 79 kr
Plum Vine Choya5 cl. 49 kr
Hot Beverages
Jasmin Tea / Green Tea59 kr / kande for 2 persons
Ordinary Tea25 kr
Americano25 kr
Café Latte35 kr
Cappucino35 kr
Chocolate30 kr
The House's WineGlass Bottle
Rosedale Ridge Chardonnay, Australia
This wine has a nice golden colour, with a scent of exotic flowers and green fruits. When in the mouth, you will experience a full and harmonic wine with a touch of ripe fruits and a long lasting aftertaste. An elegant and balanced wine.
Rosedale Ridge, Shiraz Rose, Australia
This wine appears with an intense and elegant pink colour. You will be met by a scent of ripe raspberries and a slight spicy touch. When in the mouth, you will find the wine pleasing and refreshing with hints of red berries such as raspberries and strawberries. The light touch of spices also appears here, and compliments the fresh fruits in the best way.
Rosedale Ridge, Shiraz/Merlot, Australia
This wine appears with a nice red colour, with almost purple reflections. The scent contains a surplus of ripe berries and spices. The taste is filled with warm fruits sucs as raspberries, blackcurrant and blackberries. A small hint of spices, and a long balanced aftertaste keeps this wine nice and balanced.
White Wines
Vina Tarapacá, Chardonnay, Chile
The scent is typical of a Chardonnay, with lots of richness and very fruity from the ripe grapes. The taste is very smooth, also filled with the taste of the grapes. A long and fruity aftertaste finishes the experience from this wine.
Chablis, Le Carré de César, Chateau de Maligny, France
This Wine has a bright colour with green reflections. The taste has a lot of character, is well balanced with subtle hints and a nice flourishing bouquet.
Red Wines
Vina Tarapacá, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chile
This wine is a deep ruby red colour, with a scent of ripe blackcurrant and cherries, along with hints of spearmint, tobacco and spices such as pepper and vanilla. The wine is medium rich with a soft taste packed with fruits and ripe tannines. It is completed with a powerful aftertaste.
Blason d'Aussiéres, DBR (Lafite), France
The wine appears deep red in the glass. The scent is influenced by the dried spices and the ripe fruit of the mediterranean. The taste is medium rich with a nice fruit balance. The aftertaste is long with qiute a bite to it.
Contessa di Castiglione, Asti Spumante DOCG, Italy
A beautiful Asti with pretty little bubbles and a scent of honey, white roses and citrus fruits. The taste also hints to the citrus and the white flowers along with an elegant sweetness and refreshing fruit acid.
Consulat Palace Brut Reserve, France
This wine has a clear, bright colour. The scent is pure, filled with green fruits and white flowers. The easte contains a good mousse along with a nice freshness, not heavy and powerful, but very elegant.

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