About us

Who are we?

Stege Sushi is founded by Yu Lao og Junjie Wu, who will also be the chef’s you meet in the kitchen.

We are a small restaurant where we work hard to make a delicious quality sushi, while giving a great service along the way, which hopefully ends up with you having a wonderful food experience at our place.

How it started

The plans regarding Stege Sushi took form back in 2015, where the two founders took a trip to Møn, and went along on a guided tour of Stege. During this tour they experienced what the town had to offer, and immediately fell in love with the area and the island.

Then, a winter’s day in February 2016, Yu and Junjie went for a walk down the roads of Stege, and saw along the way, a store available for rental. And in that moment, they decided that, that would become the rooms for their new restaurant, and then the hard work began.

After some months of building, and other preparations, everything was ready, and it was with great excitement when the doors opened up to the customers for the very first time, at the big Tuesday Market in Stege.

The customers flocked to the restaurant, and seemed to be very content, which they have been ever since.